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At Parity we believe that inclusion impacts business outcomes. Therefore we undertake research that seeks to validate this through snap surveys, white papers and research studies. Write to us if you would like to participate.


Results of a Snap Survey of Women Professionals in India on the new Maternity Benefit Amendment Bill, 2016

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Why Are Senior Women Leaders Leaving Corporate Workplaces?

A leak in the female talent pipeline is a reality at middle and junior layers, due to life stage complexity. A lot of research and effort is focused on this, but what about the senior layer? Why are senior women who have sustained the vulnerable stage of marriage & maternity leaving organizations in India?

Losing senior female talent is a double whammy for organizations, considering that the talent pool itself is limited in the layer, thus negatively impacting an already skewed gender ratio, besides being a huge loss of valued resources.

This white paper seeks to conduct in depth interviews with 20 senior women leaders (CXO, CXO minus 1,2 and 3) who have exited organizations (corporates) to understand this phenomenon.

With this white paper, we hope to provide insights that can enable organizations consider what actions can be taken to arrest this loss.


Strengths Based Diversity
What are the real strengths women bring to the table – A Study in the Indian workplaces.

The gender diversity agenda is driven by many reasons; a foundational driver is that women bring different ways of thinking and behaving to the table. What are these different ways of thinking and behaving which add real value to the teams, at a granular level?

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