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Posted by Kalpana Tatavarti

Portrait of a Powerful Woman

In my previous blog I talked about the Male Feminist who is necessary to carry the gender agenda forward.  Let me turn the tables and talk about some of the powerful women I have met and what they are and say….

1. She defines herself beyond and as more than her ‘womanhood’ or ‘motherhood’ while at the same time celebrating it

One of the aspects of my life is being a woman/wife/mother… there are so many other aspects to me and I will take the responsibility to express all of them”

“I love the fact that I am a woman! I can have the best of both (all!!) worlds!”

“In the workplace, I leverage my ‘feminine’ to nurture, empathize & develop people; as well as my ‘masculine’ to drive results and win!”


2. She is unapologetically ambitious and cheerfully influences key stakeholders in her life to achieve her ambition

“I see ambition as being good at whatever I do, to reach for the stars, to work hard for them”

“Work (besides home) is important because it gives me satisfaction, and also because I am able to contribute to the economic activity of the world. That is ambition and I see no reason why I should compromise on that”

“Anyone who is stuck with me is stuck with my ambition too! They had better put up with it!”

3. She shuns being a victim, but not being vulnerable

“I can create my own opportunities!”

“I don’t need someone to ‘help’ and ‘protect’ me; I need understanding and support”

“I know how to get what I want, and have no problem in seeking the support of my stakeholders to get it!”

“Asking for support and leveraging support in no way makes me less independent”

4. She s courageous (not virulent) about challenging gender stereotypes

“I have understood that you have to educate people around you…everywhere I go if someone says you cant do this/that because you are a woman I show it to them that I can”

“If my Manager thinks I can’t work late or travel because I have a baby, I engage in a conversation with her/him… I say, with your support, I can.”

“Once someone asked me why do you work when your husband earns so much; I advised him to think of work as more than a means of earning livelihood!”

5. She is in touch with her strengths and is her best cheerleader

“I have a strong inner critic; this is what makes me a high performer. But that also makes me tough to live with. Now I make it a point to list out my strengths & competencies once a week. “

“I actually pat myself on my back whenever I do a good job of something.”

“I have realized that the system is not trained to praise me for my achievements at work; I have created my own circle of cheerleaders!”

6. She teaches her daughter to aspire & her son to cook (aside from vice versa)

“I encourage my daughter to find her métier in life, not to find a career which will fit into her personal life.”

“Both my son and daughter understand that there is no dichotomy between career and personal life; it is an integrated whole that is necessary for their well being.”

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