An exclusive career support service for female talent in organizations
Dial-A-WoMentor™ provides bite sized ‘mentoring’ opportunities that professional women can tap into for supporting challenging situations that impact careers (such as dealing with life stages, career priorities, work life balance, harnessing manager/client/team support, etc.)

WoMentee Profile:Women executives/leaders at mid management levels with up to 15 years’ of experience

WoMentor Profile: Senior leaders with 16+ years’ corporate experience from a variety of industries, certified counselors & coache

Mentors Profiles


Malathi Latha Morthala

Malathi Latha Morthala, Chief Delivery Officer at HashInclude, is in the Software Industry for over 19 years now. Through this journey, she has contributed in various roles as Software Engineer, Technical Lead, Engineering Manager delivering on Software Solutions across various domains of Element, Systems and Network Management, Healthcare and Cloud computing.

She strongly believes in women’s economic and social empowerment. While at Cisco, she has lead I&D initiatives in her organization, stressing the need for inclusion to harness the power of diversity, raising awareness about unconscious biases and what we could consciously do to reduce the impact of these biases on our decisions. She has also lead women’s network in her organization. She actively mentors women with primary focus on their careers, worked with executives of the organizations to raise Gender Awareness and Sensitisation among the executives as well as conduct workshops with employees. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engg. from JNTU, Hyderabad. Mother of a teenager, her interests include reading books, learning Sanskrit, doing Yoga and travelling.


Caroline Fernandes

She is a graduate BSC Nurse from one of Asia’s reputed colleges, St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences. She is certified in Positive Psychology through The University of North Caroline on Chapel Hill.


Kalpana Tatavarti

Kalpana brings a rich & diverse experience of over 20 years spanning Marketing, Sales, Leadership Development and Diversity & Inclusion. She spent the early part of her career (8 years) in the corporate world in Marketing & Sales and then transitioned to what she says is her calling: Developing People. As Founder at Maarpidi, a Leadership Development Firm, she partnered with several organizations to grow their leadership pipelines.

IN July 2011, she joined Interweave Consulting Pvt Ltd, a pioneer in the space of Diversity & Inclusion, as Partner, and played a key role in establishing Interweave as a market leader & thought leader in the country. She launched the Women Leadership Development vertical at Interweave and worked closely with marquee clients in implementing their Diversity & Inclusion Agendas.

Parity Consulting & Training, which she founded in May 2016, has evolved out of her experience training & coaching over 2000 professional women across the country, across roles, seniority and industries. Committed to accelerating women leadership, Kalpana believes that equipping women with skills to build and manage successful careers will be critical in building gender balanced organizations.

A Masters in Marketing & Sales, Kalpana is a certified Executive Coach from the coaching Foundation of India, besides being certified in psychometric instruments such as MBTI, FIRO-B, DISC and the EQi 2.0. She is also certified in Transactional Analysis(Org.) and NLP (Master Practitioner).

As an Angel Investor, she invests in early stage startups that are disruptive.

She is Founder of Manasvini, an NGO, that provides micro credit to women in economically disadvantaged areas of urban cities. (www.manasvini.org)

She sits on the board of Durga, an NGO that works on creating safety for women in public spaces. (www.durgaindia.org). She is also a member of the Core Committee at BSafe, a safety initiative of BPac in Bangalore. (www.bpac.in)

An accomplished Carnatic Vocal singer, she enjoys writing both creative fiction & professional articles. She blogs at www.womanworklife.in


Laxmi Char

Laxmi has over 20 years of work experience with global companies in India and overseas. She has extensive experience managing diverse stakeholders, and is adept at leading simultaneous projects aimed at increasing engagement, expanding market penetration, and driving revenue. Her cross-cultural communication skills and drive for results has helped her to thrive in high pressure situations, and innovate for change.

Most recently, Laxmi was the Senior Director at Yahoo’s Global Business Solutions team, and was responsible for planning and project management across internal business leaders, talent managers and external vendors. Prior to Yahoo, Laxmi was the first woman to be hired as an Area Manager at Dell’s India based International Services subsidiary. She has held senior positions in leading Direct Marketing and Express Distribution companies.

She is a certified Trainer, having led the Learning and Continuous Development team at Dell. She has led training sessions on leadership, talent development, global communication and diversity challenges in India and internationally.

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