Feedback from our participants


Nisha Verma Former Head, Diversity & Inclusion, Vodafone India

At Vodafone, we have leveraged ‘Pathways to Success’ to build our female leadership talent pipeline over the past 4 years. We have found the program very impactful with significant improvement in participants’ career focus and growth.Over 68% of participants experienced a positive change in work role, designation or function post the workshops. Their Managers also reported an increase in career focused behaviors such as career clarity and self nomination for growth oriented roles and opportunities. Overall this program has been a key enabler in our journey of sustaining gender balanced workplaces. Kalpana authored this program and custom created the design to meet our needs.She not only conducted the program with a lot of passion but also remained connected with the participants in their career journey.

Grace Arun Former Zonal Business Head, Vodafone India

Gives me immense pleasure in sharing the steps I have taken in the direction from “Good to Great”, both on the personal and professional spheres; post attending your session on Pathways to Success. The training made me get in touch with the reserves of my potential, much beyond what I perceived in myself…it made me realize that it is upto me to tap into those reserves and draw out the best in myself Clarity of thought on what needs to be done to break the glass ceiling and make the right moves at the work place, without compromising on the personal space emerged. I am using the various strategies you gave me, as that magic potion to move towards Success and Happiness. Thank you.

Kirti Poonia Head, Okhai

Over the last few years I have attended several sessions that Kalpana has beautifully conducted for women at the Tata Group. Her training on leadership, women in the workforce, behavioral skills and emotional intelligence have all been very useful to me. But what I love the most about her is that this is not a job for her, she does it because she is genuinely invested in growing & developing women leaders. This has made me go back to her time and again to seek guidance as my mentor/coach. I find her skill of understanding, connecting the dots and zeroing in on the actionables very valuable.

Senior Manager Software Product Development Company.

Kalpana is an excellent coach – she tailors her coaching based on one’s competencies, strengths and growth areas. Her clear direction and practice through role play sessions on how I can handle difficult people and situations at work assertively were extremely helpful. With her support, I was able to realize the behaviors that were holding me back and modify them for success. I’d recommend her for anyone looking for executive / leadership coaching!.

Project Manager In a Software Company

I am a Project Manager in a private software company. As part of grooming women leaders in our organization, our management nominated us for Scaling Heights It has been a game changer in my career. The sensitive concepts Kalpana dealt with, the way she delivered them and seeds the messages into us is truly amazing! The main take away for me from this program has been the strategic focus on my career. I will never forget those fun filled learning days in my life. Many thanks to my organization and Kalpana for helping in building a more confident ME.

KC Lalitha Head Security Technical Convergence & Training, Tata Steel

It was a pleasure and an honour to be trained by Ms. Malathi, a dynamic, cheerful & natural facilitator, who led the women leadership development program at Tata Steel, Jamshedpur. All participants would agree with me on the benefits achieved from this program with regard to career development and enabling sustainable progress. The sessions were filled with real & relevant inspiring models & action packed role plays which helped us hone our skills. We have been inspired towards a growth-oriented approach towards our careers, attitude to change along with a massive boost in confidence. The session was also a huge success in encouraging better relationships & building up an effective network within the group. Thank you very much for an enlightening and stimulating session.

Pavithra Raju Project Manager at Tata Consultancy Services

I was nominated for Pathways to Success, the leadership workshop designed & facilitated by Kalpana Tatavarti when I was about to move to a new leadership role and new team., I can say without doubt that this was the most productive and beneficial leadership workshops that I have attended. I learnt some new ways of thinking and leading the teams, The concepts & conversations really helped me understand the subtle nuances of the problems that I have faced during people management and equipped me well to handle it in a better manner. Setting goals, aiming for it and most importantly letting your leadership know your goals and involving them in your journey are some important lessons that will stay with me for the rest of my life. The most valuable outcome of the workshop was Kalpana herself. She has a great sense of humor and if you observe well, you will be able to see her put her preaching to practice in the workshops. She deals with some really difficult topics like gender perception, post maternity or paternity challenges with panache, this helps everyone open up in front of her. Also, throughout the workshop and after, she has been immensely supportive and approachable and has been a great guiding force. I really admire and appreciate the difference she makes through her workshops and beyond.