Women Leadership

Retain, nurture and grow your women leadership pipeline

Consulting-led holistic development and mentorship programs

Our comprehensive development and mentorship programs support organizations in retention and development of a diverse pool of women talent. The programs are tailored to address the specific needs of women in the workplace for professional advancement. These programs leverage different learning methodologies including classroom training, webinars, coaching, mentoring, and networks for maximum impact.

Pathways to Success ®

Build career resilience and intentionality in women talent

Aimed at creating a strong pipeline of women executives who are psychologically and behaviorally ready for careers, these interactive workshops provide mindsets and skills for professional development.

Program Details

Who is it for: Junior and mid-level women talent

Approach: Training, mentoring, and webinars

Duration: Training : 1 day; Webinars: 1.5 hours; 

Program Benefits

  • Build career orientation in women talent
  • Improve retention & growth of women executives 


Key modules

Driving Ms. Self

Being in the driver’s seat of one’s career growth

Positive Strokes

Assertive skills for influencing key stakeholders to achieve one’s aspirations

All the World’s a Stage

Building a powerful brand & presence

Yin & Yang

Embracing feminine & masculine behaviors for a holistic leadership style

A Cut Above

Building executive presence

Ties that Bind

Networking for success


Negotiating for success

Power & The Woman

Leadership through the lens of gender


Effectively combining various life pursuits together

Pressing the Right Buttons

Influencing skills for career success

The Emotional Advantage

Leveraging emotional intelligence for career success

Scaling Heights ®

Strengthen capability In senior women talent

An intensive leadership development program for a select group of women leaders, spread over a period of 10 to 12 months. This focused program leverages a variety of learning methods such as classroom training, virtual network, webinars, coaching and mentoring for maximum impact. The program has a high success rate of women experiencing growth within a year of participating in it.

Program Details

Who is it for: Women leaders at senior management levels

Approach: Training, Mentoring / Coaching, Online engagement and webinars

Duration: 10 months to a year

Program Benefits

Build women leaders and leadership pipeline

Improve diversity at leadership level




Align competencies to aspirational leadership roles

Executive Coaching service for women leaders to traverse the corporate landscape and transition to C-Suite.

Program Details

Who is it for: Senior women leaders, CXO/CEO

Approach: Coaching

Duration: 6 months to a year (Recommended)

Program Benefits

Build women leaders and leadership pipeline

Improve diversity at leadership level



Mentoring and Support Programs for All Women Professionals

Scaling The Maternal Wall

Support and retain your women employees during their maternity phase

A comprehensive program for women returning from maternity and their Managers. Research reveals that this is the most vulnerable phase in a woman’s career, in terms of professional growth and the leaking pipeline. It provides a supportive net through face-to-face and telephonic sessions to minimize the impact of this phase on a woman’s career.

Program Details

Who is it for: Women employees, managers

Approach: Training, mentoring, and webinars

Duration: One year

Program Benefits

  • Enable your women employees to seamlessly sail through the maternity phase
  • Build awareness amongst the managers on ways to nurture women employees during maternity phase


Build internal capability for supporting women in the maternity phase

Mentoring Kit to build Maternity Mentors who can support women during the maternity phase.

Program Details

Who is it for: Senior leaders

Approach: Training, and Mentor Kit

Duration: 3 day training program

Program Benefits

  • Stem attrition and talent drain of women during maternity phase
  • Improve engagement 

Ready to leverage your women talent and leadership?  

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